Make Your Team All It Can Be and More

Sep 10th, 2009Comments Off on Make Your Team All It Can Be and More

Make YOUR team all it can be and more.

There are roles that every team has to have to be well-balanced.

There are three categories in which these teams fall under:

  • Action (oriented)
  • Thought (oriented)
  • People (oriented)

How do you get a balanced team?

  • Team performance is linked to clearly defined responsibilities
  • Every role needed is to perform the team’s goal fully and well
  • Despite defined roles and responsibilities, a team falls short of its full potential

Has any of the following ever happened on your team?

?-Team members haven’t completed what you expected them to do

?-Team members lack flexibility so things tend to fall through the cracks

?-A valued expert on the team does not see the bigger picture of their role, so tasks and steps are missed along the way that were expected

?-Perhaps one team member is upset at another team member’s approach to performing a task

It is best to understand your team’s individual roles in order to create an effective balance throughout team. You can develop your strengths and weaknesses of your team’s roles by understanding their specific roles.

If you all of your team members have the same weaknesses, it will cause a big challenge. One team member’s weakness can be another team member’s strength. Knowing your team members’ weaknesses is beneficial in understanding your team as a whole.