Need a Business Solution Fast?

Whether it’s resolving team conflicts or writing effective e-mails, Myles Miller offers over 25 breakthrough presentations with solutions your organization can implement right away. A top-level specialist in effective communication, leadership development, team building, time management, and a sought-after corporate trainer, Myles customizes each presentation to your group’s needs. His energetic, interactive presentations combine his broad technological background with creative strategic thinking, resulting in robust solutions that positively impact your bottom line. No matter what challenge your company faces, Myles Miller has a talk that can solve the problem − and he guarantees that it will be a transformative experience for you and your colleagues Myles’ team leadership has impacted national and international companies, governments and non-profit organizations, including Foot Locker, Johnson & Johnson, L-3 Communications, Olympus, Rite Aid, and Tyco. You’ll leave his talks with new solutions and a fresh perspective on everyday problems, big and small.

Talks Include…

Assertiveness: Working WITH People, Not Against Them

Leadership in Hard Times

Leverage: Achieve Much More with the Same Effort

Making a Great First Impression

Managing Interruptions: Maintaining Focus and Control of Your Time

Motivating Your Team

Resolving Team Conflicts: Facing your Differences

The Urgent/Important Matrix: Using Time Effectively, Not Just Efficiently

What a Real Leader Knows