Tick, Tock… How to Use the Clock to Your Advantage

Jul 26th, 2010Comments Off on Tick, Tock… How to Use the Clock to Your Advantage

The number of hours in the day doesn’t change. So why does it seem as if some days result in significant achievements while others are practically “write-offs”? It all boils down to how you plan your time.

Becoming a time planner can be one of the most powerful personal productivity tools in your arsenal. Doing so allows you to quickly and effectively:

• Consolidate your one-time and continuing responsibilities;
• Create blocks of time for concentrated, distraction-free work;
• Accomplish tasks that have been on your “to do” list for far too long;
• Shorten your work day (thus allowing more time for friends, family and self); and
• Feel a sense of freedom and power that’s been eluding you.

Who wouldn’t want such incredible results?

But there is a caveat to becoming a time planner – you must be willing to change your habits. That means you’ll need to take the following steps seriously and agree to try them for no less than the next 21 days. However, I think you can do it, especially after you discover how much independence can be produced!