Managing Time for Social Media and Other Communications

Aug 12th, 2010Comments Off on Managing Time for Social Media and Other Communications

I can hear many of you stammering, “What about social media and communications?  What about checking emails and Facebook and Twitter and…”

It’s okay.  I didn’t forget.

My recommendation is to be very careful about these types of tasks because “just checking my Facebook account” can quickly lead to “wasting copious amounts of time on Facebook”.  Even if you’re not inclined to surf the Internet aimlessly, it can happen to the best of us and you can get behind the proverbial 8-ball really quickly.

The answer?  Take control of the situation.  Schedule a few times (perhaps whole 15-minute blocks) throughout your day to address emails, check social media sites, etc.  That way, you won’t be tempted to open your email every five seconds, which can lead to interrupted thoughts and wasted time.

The End Result

Follow your new time planning system for the next three weeks and every day you’ll become more and more efficient.  You may even discover large chunks of time that are just waiting for you to enjoy!  Or you may find that you’re over-extended and absolutely need to delegate some of your responsibilities.  It’s all okay and is part of the learning process.

Remember – the pyramids were built one block at a time.  A great life and a great career are built one task (or even one part of a task) at a time.  Your job as a time manager is to deliberately and creatively organize the concentrated time periods you need to get your key jobs done well and on schedule.

Happy time managing!