Leadership Development: Urgent vs. Important

Sep 10th, 2009Comments Off on Leadership Development: Urgent vs. Important

Urgent vs. Important

When you think of urgent, you think of immediate. 

When we think of important, we think of things that strongly affect what we are doing day to day. Although important tasks may have long-term effects, they have great significance both short and long-term.

There are careers out there that limit us from one to the other. For example, if you are a firefighter you would concentrate more on the urgency of your job rather than the important daily functions of your job. This can limit you to only concentrate on urgency alone, rather than completed daily operations based on your daily to-do list.

Steps to take

-Grab your daily calendar or planner

-Have a notebook and pen/pencil handy

-Take the time out to think and reflect



Now that we gathered our materials, what are we going to do to implement these steps?

1.)    What are your top priorities?

-These are the daily functions that need to be completed

When it comes to urgent vs. important, you need to examine your vital tasks. Your vital tasks are what you need to sustain your business/career. Once you make your list of tasks, evaluate your routine demands.

Urgent functions often masquerade as important things. To identify what is important, ask yourself the following questions:

1.)    Will the activity make a significant or positive impact on others?

2.)    Is what I’m about to do an unselfish act that will bring happiness and joy to others?

3.)    Do my actions/activities promote balance in my life or are they all consuming?

Once you distinguish what is important and what is urgent based on the questions, you will determine where you main focus is. Prioritize your list so that you know what needs to be done in a timely manner.

This exercise is a day-to-day activity—that with practice—can create success in your future.